Man In Nazi Uniform Arrested, Allegedly On His Way To Kill Neighbor

A man wearing a World War II Nazi uniform and carrying a powerful German rifle of the same vintage quickly told police his mission: He was on the way to kill a man.

"He told the officers he was on the way to his sister's house to kill a neighbor who complained about the smell coming from her animals," Police Chief Dwayne "Poncho" Munch Sr. said Wednesday.

Devin Plaisance, 39, was captured about five blocks from his intended victim's home Nov. 10 in this small suburb across the river from New Orleans. He was wearing a Nazi uniform and helmet, carrying an 8mm Mauser — a World War II German gun — and his pockets were stuffed with ammunition, Munch said.

"That's a very dangerous weapon," the chief said. "It would have easily penetrated any of our bulletproof vests."

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