'Democracy' Arrives, But Is It Really GnR? (Submitted By Gata)

The demise of Guns N' Roses in the early 1990s was one of the more traumatic episodes for pure rock and roll fans. Since then, there's been a steady stream of rumors, reported fights/drama/delays/firings/leaks/etc revolving around Axl Rose's 'Chinese Democracy' album. Now, 16 years after the last true GnR release, the loooooong-awaited 'Democracy' is here (you can listen to the whole thing here). But, is a Guns N' Roses record really a Guns N' Roses record if it's only Axl Rose and a bunch of supporting players?

But first, let's discuss 'Chinese Democracy,' an album so storied and legendary in its nonexistence that it has become a reference in itself for things that are taking way too long to happen (For example: "The Cubs winning the World Series is the 'Chinese Democracy' of baseball). The album was in production for at least 13 years, went through five studios, and more importantly, countless musicians. Rose's legendary appetite for control likely played a part in the revolving door of talent that wound up making the album.

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