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Wisconsin Girl, 10, Suspended For 'Killing Spree Hit List'

A 10-year-old Kenosha girl says she didn't mean any harm, but she's in trouble anyway for drafting a so-called "killing spree hit list."

A police report said officers were called to McKinley Middle School Monday after a teacher caught the girl passing a note and found it listed 25 people, including the teacher, who "were going to be killed or maybe killed."

The back listed others who would not be hurt.

Police said the girl told them she was upset at students who accused her of spreading rumors or were mean to her, and at the teacher for sending her out of the classroom when she talked.

But she didn't have any plan for her list, although she knew it could scare people.

She was suspended until school officials review the incident and was referred to juvenile court authorities.

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Man's Coffin Kills Wife On Way To Cemetery

Police say a woman has died on the way to a cemetery when a traffic accident hurled her husband's coffin against the back of her neck.

Police said 67-year-old Marciana Silva Barcelos was in the front passenger seat of the hearse when the accident occurred Monday in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Barcelos died instantly.

Her 76-year-old husband, Josi Silveira Coimbra, died Sunday of a heart attack while dancing at a party.

The driver of the hearse and Barcelos' son suffered minor injuries.

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Ogden Edsl - Dead Puppies

Monkey Wedding

'Democracy' Arrives, But Is It Really GnR? (Submitted By Gata)

The demise of Guns N' Roses in the early 1990s was one of the more traumatic episodes for pure rock and roll fans. Since then, there's been a steady stream of rumors, reported fights/drama/delays/firings/leaks/etc revolving around Axl Rose's 'Chinese Democracy' album. Now, 16 years after the last true GnR release, the loooooong-awaited 'Democracy' is here (you can listen to the whole thing here). But, is a Guns N' Roses record really a Guns N' Roses record if it's only Axl Rose and a bunch of supporting players?

But first, let's discuss 'Chinese Democracy,' an album so storied and legendary in its nonexistence that it has become a reference in itself for things that are taking way too long to happen (For example: "The Cubs winning the World Series is the 'Chinese Democracy' of baseball). The album was in production for at least 13 years, went through five studios, and more importantly, countless musicians. Rose's legendary appetite for control likely played a part in the revolving door of talent that wound up making the album.

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Horror as Teenager Commits Suicide Live Online

A 19-year-old man in Florida committed suicide live on the internet as hundreds of web surfers watched - taunting him and offering encouragement.

Abraham K. Biggs, from Broward County, Florida, announced his intention on an online forum, posted a suicide note on another and then took an overdose of pills in front of his webcam, broadcasting his final moments on Justin.tv.

Mr Biggs lay on his bed motionless for several hours before members of the website became alarmed. With the video still streaming, viewers eventually called the local police, who broke down the door, found the body and switched off the camera. Up to 1,500 people were viewing, according to one report.

A video clip posted on the net shows a police officer entering the room, his handgun drawn, as he checks for any sign of life. Mr Biggs was a member of bodybuilding.com under the name CandyJunkie and was also known under the alias of Feels Like Ecstasy on Justin. tv. He had apparently threatened to commit suicide before.

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8 Memos From God's Desk (Submitted By Gata)

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Man In Nazi Uniform Arrested, Allegedly On His Way To Kill Neighbor

A man wearing a World War II Nazi uniform and carrying a powerful German rifle of the same vintage quickly told police his mission: He was on the way to kill a man.

"He told the officers he was on the way to his sister's house to kill a neighbor who complained about the smell coming from her animals," Police Chief Dwayne "Poncho" Munch Sr. said Wednesday.

Devin Plaisance, 39, was captured about five blocks from his intended victim's home Nov. 10 in this small suburb across the river from New Orleans. He was wearing a Nazi uniform and helmet, carrying an 8mm Mauser — a World War II German gun — and his pockets were stuffed with ammunition, Munch said.

"That's a very dangerous weapon," the chief said. "It would have easily penetrated any of our bulletproof vests."

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Hells Ya

Court Rules That Having Big Boobs Is Not An Illness

A court in the German state of Hessen has ruled that insurance companies do not need to cover the cost of breast reduction surgery as having a large bust is not a medical problem. The decision means that insurers will only have to pay to correct breasts which are deformed.

The case was brought by a 38-year-old woman who suffered orthopaedic and physical problems due to the weight of her boobs. She had been advised by doctors to have breast reduction surgery.

But her insurance company didn’t see it as a necessity and therefore refused to cover the costs of the operation. It claimed she was suffering from back problems because she was overweight and that her physical discomforts would be reduced if she trimmed down weight and built some muscle up.

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Dark Side Of The Moon

The 8 Places You Probably Lost Your Virginity (Submitted By Gata)


HOW IT WENT DOWN FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE: You were pretty excited for the Kappa Delta Gamma party, so you put on your favorite striped shirt, a few dabs of Drakkar Noir and headed out for the evening. After downing a large number of vodka shooters, lemon drops and a Coors Lite beer funnel, you spy the lady of your dreams. She's mildly overweight, has a decent case of acne and coke-bottle glasses, but through your cheap booze goggles, she looks like a combination between Carmen Electra and Angelina Jolie. After a few minutes of chatting, you ask her if she would like to go to the bathroom. Her low self-esteem forces her to say yes and you are on your way. During intercourse over the the toilet you mistake one of her stomach rolls for a breast and fondle it for the entire 45 seconds of condomless sex. Once it's over, you confidently return to the party and inform your friends of your endeavor, where you are called "Fatty Fats Fucker" and "Pork Chop Porker" for the rest of your college career.

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Me To

Bush’s Last Rule-Making Hurrah

With just 60 days left in his tenure, you might think that W.'s lame-duck administration was sitting around relieved that another guy was taking over, and Bush was counting the minutes until his flight leaves for Crawford.

Not quite.

Based on the flurry of quiet directives coming from the White House as the end of the term nears, it looks like the Bush goose (or is it turducken?) isn't quite cooked yet.

In what has become a kind of presidential right-of-passage, the president (or really, the federal agencies that answer to him) has been pushing through a series of last-minute regulations that have the force of law. Everything from pollution controls to family-leave standards can be set by these rules.

And you thought your high school government teacher said that Congress made all the laws.

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Random Hottie

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Michael Jackson Hands Over Deeds To Neverland

Michael Jackson has handed over the deeds to his Neverland ranch to a company that he owns a partial stake in.

The singer filed a grand deed on Monday (November 10), making the Sycamore Valley Ranch Co, which he is said to own a stake of, the new ranch owner, reports Yahoo news.

Colony Capital LLC bought Jackson's $24.5 million (£15 million) loan on the property in May, but now the singer is reportedly relinquished control of the property he bought in 1988.

Neverland was due to be auctioned off until the loan was bought.

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Captain Spalding

Bush - Sunday Bloody Sunday


A Cure For AIDS

Holy crap. These guys in Germany just cured AIDS! Of course, the procedure is so expensive, complicated, and risky that it's not replicable as a large-scale public health strategy, but we'll ignore that for a minute. Here's how they did it. Drs. Gero Hutter and Eckhard Thiel are blood cancer experts at the Charite Medical University in Berlin. Their patient, an American ex-pat, was suffering from leukemia as well as a full-blown case of AIDS. His case was so desperate that his doctors decided to get craaazy and give him a bone-marrow transplant--(this isn't the crazy part)--using blood stem cells from a donor who was immune to HIV (this is). About 10 years ago, doctors discovered that a few of their gay male patients never developed AIDS, despite engaging in risky sex with hundreds of partners. It turned out that they had a rare mutation called Delta 32 that blocks a molecule in HIV from adhering to the cell surface. Delta 32 must be inherited from both parents; it occurs at a rate of roughly 1 percent in European populations (it's more common in Northern Europe and much much, rarer--basically unheard of--in Africa and Asia), so it was difficult but not impossible for the doctors to find a donor in Germany who fit the bill. The patient was asked to stop taking his antiretroviral AIDS medication for the duration of the procedure with the understanding that he'd have to restart the meds fairly soon after the transplant was complete and the level of the virus in his bloodstream started to rise. But to everyone's surprise, it never rose, not at all. It has now been close to two years since the transplant, and there are still no traces of HIV in the patient's blood or brain tissues. So: success! A cure! For this guy, at least.

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Carl Wash

Jaz Coleman Interviewed

Calvin & Hobbs

Weird Toilets On Weird Places (Submitted By Gata)

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Have A Shot With Freddy Krueger

The sight of Freddy Krueger’s gruesome face and a little dripping blood is just scary enough that I need a drink to settle myself down. This Nightmare On Elm Street set of shot glasses give you both the face and the blood which means you can drink pretty much all day. I am not sure how that is different than any other day, but so be it. A Jason version is available for a dollar more.

Product Page ($5.95)

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Barack Obama "I Inhaled Frequently" "That Was The Point"

Slide Fail

Former Guns N' Roses Drummer's Plea To Rejoin Band

Former Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler has pleaded no contest to a charge of heroin possession, indicating his desire to go to drug rehab instead of a jail sentence - and then rejoin his old band.

Adler entered the plea at the Lose Angeles Superior Court on Friday (November 14), reports Reuters, hoping that his indication to get clean would spare him jail.

The drummer's lawyer, Barry Gerald, claimed, "When he gets sober they'll (Guns N Roses) accept him into the band and then they'll do a comeback album and a world tour - that's the dream of Steven Adler."

Adler was sacked from the band in 1990 because of his drug problems. He is scheduled to appear in court again on December 12 to find out whether his attempt to avoid jail will be successful.

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Collection Of Unusual Cakes (Submitted By Gata)

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Man On Cruelty Charge After Making Chicken Drink Whisky

A man who forced a chicken to drink whisky and blew cannabis smoke in its face before suffocating has been spared a jail term.
Gary Maxwell, 21, smashed another hen's head repeatedly against a shed wall until its neck snapped in Consett, County Durham.

He was sentenced to an 18-month community order with supervision by the district judge sitting at Consett Magistrates' Court after she heard he had stopped drinking and taking drugs.

Maxwell, now of Bentinck Terrace, Newcastle, was ordered to pay £8 compensation to the hens' owner.

At a previous hearing, Maxwell admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to the birds.

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6 People Who Died In Order To Prove A Retarded Point (Submitted By Gata)

History is full of great men and women who laid down their lives for a cause they believed in. What the history books don't tell you about, however, is the small handful of bull-headed people who've given their lives for causes that really didn't matter to anyone but them.

Here are six people who proved a very important point: It's really easy to die doing something retarded.

#6. Franz Reichelt

What He Tried to Prove: That he was both an awesome inventor and that the law of gravity simply did not apply to him.

The Method: Franz Reichelt, a tailor by trade, dreamed of inventing a fashion accessory that would allow a person to float safely to the ground after falling from a great height (perhaps after jumping out of one of those new-fangled flying machines they were experimenting with at the time).

What He Actually Proved: Newton's law of universal gravitation.

More specifically, he proved that falling from a great height will result in death.

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11 Locations In The World As Described By Only One Picture (Submitted By Gata)

Hopefully this is only part one of a series called “Only In.” If I can find enough pictures for you guys, I will continue making posts on this in the future. I’ll need your participation though. Please send me all your pics.

Ever notice how sometimes you’ll be in a certain location and you realize that some of the things that go on there can only be summarized with the words “Only in?” Like only in Amsterdam will you see hookers showcased in glass.

With that concept in mind, here are 10 more that I thought you might find interesting.

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Ringo Starr - No No Song

Random Hottie

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A Collection of 12 “Father of the Year Award” Pictures (Submitted By Gata)

Nope, Father’s Day isn’t around the corner. And no, I ain’t gonna be no dad anytime soon. But stemming off of the pictures I managed to find yesterday (in case you didn’t read the post, here it is), I realized that there are many men in the country that really shouldn’t be fathers.

At first glance you’ll look at some of these pictures and laugh. You’ll laugh at the sheer stupidity of the actions these guys take. But then if you sit down and really think about it, you might just start to feel bad for those kids.

Ah, they’re still funny as hell though. Here are 12 “Father of the Year” candidates.

Full List Here

Badass Big Wheel

Resort Fights Economic Downturn With Month-Long 'Anything Goes' Nude Party

An Australian nude resort wants to bring back swingers and sex parties in a bid to boost sagging tourism figures.

The White Cockatoo resort in Mossman, north Queensland, is promoting an adults-only "anything goes" month of hedonism for March next year.

Owner of the White Cockatoo, Tony Fox, this week said it was time to lift a self-imposed swinger ban.

"Tough economic times call for stiff measures," Fox said. "We've taken the bull by the horns and it's going nuts; we're close to fully booked.

"It will be a hedonism resort, where anything goes for a month. We're not using the words sex or swingers, but it doesn't take rocket science to work out what it means."

Three years ago the controversial resort, once billed as the nation's top group-sex hotspot for swingers, hit the headlines when it closed its doors to partner-swapping.

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Hells Ya

15 Photos That Changed The World (Submitted By Gata)

Burning Monk

As a protest to the Diệm slow and unreliable reforms in Vietnam, the Buddhist monks have resorted to immolation, such as this Mahayana Buddhist monk, Thỉch Quảng Đức. Đức burned himself alive across the outskirts of Saigon, mainly because of the harshness done by the South Vietnam government to his fellow Buddhist monks.

Đức was re-cremated after he burned himself; his heart meanwhile remained in one piece, and because of this he was regarded as a Bodhisattva by the other Buddhist monks and followers. His act of self-immolation increased the pressure on the Diệm administration to implement their reform laws in South Vietnam.

More monks followed Đức’s footsteps as well, and later on in November 1963, Diệm was killed by an army coup.

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Yells Ya

The Door To Hell (Real)

This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly during the drilling they have found an underground cavern, it was so big that all the drilling site with all the equipment and camps got deep deep under the ground. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas. So they ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it’s burning, already for 35 years without any pause. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite there.

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Now Thats A Stereo

Gin Wigmore - These Roses


Police Arrest Man For Car Wash Vacuum Sex (Submitted By Gata)

Police say a Michigan man has been arrested after "receiving sexual favors from a vacuum" at a car wash.

The Saginaw News reports the 29-year-old Swan Creek Township man was arrested Thursday in Saginaw County's Thomas Township, about 90 miles northwest of Detroit.

Police Sgt. Gary Breidinger says a resident called to report suspicious activity at the car wash about 6:45 a.m. An officer approached on foot and caught the man in the act.

The suspect, whose name wasn't immediately released, is being held in the Saginaw County Jail.

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Stripper, 44, Charges Age Discrimination

Exotic dancer Kimberlee Ouwroulis has filed a complaint against a Mississauga strip club, New Locomotion, saying she was fired because of her age. The 44-year-old, who has taken an age discrimination complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, spoke to the Post's Rob Roberts:

Q My first question was going to be, how long did you expect to be stripping? But then I discovered you were 40 when you started stripping. How'd that come about?

A I started dancing on the suggestion of customers and managers at another bar where I had been waitressing for a year, at a strip club. I started in the business due to a nasty divorce. There are many dancers still in the business at age of 40; however, it is unusual to start the business brand-new at age of 40. It really worked for me, because I enjoyed it, and maintained a great attitude.

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